Cell Phone Safety

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Cell Phone Safety

Most of us use our cell phones constantly everyday, without even thinking that what you do on your phone may be putting your privacy at risk. Here are a few simple tips to keep you safe!

1. Lock it down!

Put a password on your phone and set it to lock automatically.


2. Prepare for the worst.

Protect yourself from losing your phone. If your smartphone has a "find my device" function, set it up. Or download a locator app.


3. Watch Your Wireless.

Using Wi-Fi at home or at work is  great way to cut down on your data usage, but public Wi-Fi isn't as secure.


4. Be App Aware.

Apps can be a way for hackers to install malware on your phone. Protect yourself by only installing apps from your smartphone's app store. Avoid apps that want permission to access data like your address book, messages and location.


5. Don't forget about your old phone!

Remove all personal date from your old phone. Back up your contacts, files and photos. Then remove your memory card, restore factory settings and make sure all data has been deleted (such as Facebook passwords and internet browsing history).