Do Good This Summer

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Do Good This Summer

A growing number of teens want to do something to make a difference. A simple idea paired with desire and drive is all you need in order to help others.

The I am stronger team approved 2 grants last summer for camps. The first was done by an individual all on his own. He is an avid swimmer and so he combined something beneficial with something that he loves, and created a "Cyber Safety Swim Camp". A fun day pair with some life tips sounds like a great way to spend a day!

Another group created an anti-bullying camp, and the whole theme of the camp revolved around builidng one another up, improving your self confidence, and learning to
deal with the issues of bullying.

Getting involved in your community makes you feel good and can be a wonderful learning opportunity. Helping others is a great, proactive way to spend the lazy days of summer and feel good about what you've achieved.

Find an idea that inspires you, and with a little help from us, great things can be accomplished.