Kindness Makes the World Go 'Round

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Kindness Makes the World Go 'Round

This is Serge and Jersey. They're part of the RAK (random act of kindness) club at Haig school in Weyburn and I recently had the opportunity to go there to meet them and everyone else in the club. It was pretty amazing... and their excitement and enthusiasm had such a positive impact on me. It truly melts my heart when you see kids this young excited about doing nice things for others, without expecting anything in return.

The group promotes volunteerism, friendship skills, being helpful and speaking up when they see others in need. Things the group have done include shoveling driveways and raking leaves for strangers, and creating games at recess that include everyone.

Instilling in the minds of youth the importance of doing things for others will, in my mind, leave a lasting impression on them and hopefully encourage them to continue that behavior on in life.

These are the people who are making a positive difference in the world. Your small acts of kindness go a long way. So a big thumbs up to all of the students in the group, and the teachers who help to run the program. You guys are inspiring and you ROCK!