Nutana is Stronger! - Year End Celebration

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Nutana is Stronger! - Year End Celebration

I spent some time at Nutana Collegiate recently and helped in preparing the students' year end I Am Stronger Celebration. When it comes to the issue of bullying, I truly believe that the students have the ability to influence each other more than anyone else does. With this, it was so great to see the students have the opportunity to have their voices heard.

It takes guts to stand in front of your peers and speak about your own personal experiences with bullying and I admire this so much in these students. A t-shirt demonstration screamed vulnerability as students wore white shirts with negative labels they had been called in the past. They later took off the white shirts to reveal colourful t-shirts with positive names, essentially leaving the past in the past and symbolising where they're at today. 

The school's songwriting group presented their finished track entitled "Surrounded" with lyrics expressing their personal challenges and a message of hope. When I was in high school, my songs didn't make it past a piece of paper with scribbled lyrics, so I was really inspired by this.

The event was MC'd by the wonderful Sydney Bell and organized by two amazing ladies, Roisin Unsworth and Stephanie Vause, who are the backbone of I Am Stronger at Nutana. The event ended with gifts and awards for the students, who really are the voices of bully prevention at Nutana and the reason for the day's success.