Student First Forum Sets the Tone For Us All

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Student First Forum Sets the Tone For Us All

If yesterday was any indication of the kind of amazing people we have walking the halls of our schools in Saskatchewan, bullies should be officially put on notice. Your time here is coming to an end- we are STRONGER, smarter and way more creative that you, and we will change things. Believe it. 

We had the opportunity to see firsthand what students from across the province are capable of doing when they come together at the first annual Student First Anti-Bullying Forum, put on by the Saskatchewan Government and the Ministry of Education. The one day forum was a way for the provincial government to listen to the voices of students from across the province and hear their ideas and solutions to addressing bullying. And the students did not disappoint! 

The morning started off with an amazing keynote address by Dr. Alec Courous of the University of Regina, who shared with the attendees a greater understanding of their digital footprint and the impact that each of us can make (both positively and negatively) on line. Dr. Couros flipped things around for us all and made us all realize our potential as digital citizens, and the impact social media has on today’s society in a insightful, fun and thought provoking way. In short- he was awesome! 

Next came a performance from Unkle Adams, the local rapper who’s anti-bullying anthem “I Am Stronger” brought the forum goers back to life after lunch and feeling energized for the rest of the day. And then it was time for the real work to start- a chance for students from all corners of the province (nearly 100 of them!) to break into groups and share their thoughts and ideas about what they could do to leverage social media to make a difference in their own communities, and how they could take a stand against bullying. That’s when things really took off. 

Students shot vine videos, took pictures, set up anti-bullying social media accounts and put themselves out there to show their commitment to making a stand against bullying. We’ve posted some of the phenomenal stuff that these students produced in less than a couple of hours, including a YouTube vid that literally blew us all awaybecause of it’s simple and powerful message. We plan on sharing as many of these student messages as we can over the next couple of days, and hope that they inspire you to think about how you can make a difference too! 

Over the next few weeks, a video will be produced that should hopefully show everyone what we were up to over the course of the day- it’s an amazing start to a journey that we know will lead us all to great things.