The Day of Pink to Make You Think

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The Day of Pink to Make You Think

This week we took part in two Red Cross Day of Pink events which left me completely speechless.  When I was in high school there was next to no talk about the issue of bullying, though it could be witnessed all around.  To be in the same room as 2,000 youth to sport their pink shirts and stand up against bullying made it clear to me that we are making change.

We heard inspiring talks from amazing role models including Travis Price, who started the Day of Pink by standing up for one of his peers.  On the first day of school in 2007, a student was bullied for wearing a pink shirt.  Travis and his friend David got everyone to wear pink shirts the next day, and from there the Day of Pink took over in tackling the issue of bullying.

We had a blast at this week's Day of Pink events.  We wore I Am Stronger eyeblacks, some people covering their entire faces with them.  We took selfies showing off our Day of Pink pride for a chance to win some amazing prizes, and two lucky students walked away with Beats by Dre Pill speakers!

There was a moment when I sat back and just thought to myself, wow, this is all for bully prevention.  This is all for the one thing that when I was in high school, no one could talk about.  It is as if the secret has been let out and now we can all get to the bottom of it.  In making change, this day is proof that you alone can make a difference.  This movement exists because two guys did something just because it was the right thing to do.  Imagine what we would have if we all did this a little more.