We Need All Hands In On This

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We Need All Hands In On This


Over the last 18 months, the I Am Stronger team has worked at developing an initiative that we had hoped would engage and inspire people. We envisioned something bold- something that would make everyone who found out about us want to stand with us to make a difference. Something unique and different. Something BOLD.

We feel as though we’ve lived up to that mantra so far- creating unique and visually appealing images to represent us as a community, developing a brand that isn’t just something that looks good, but speaks to people. We’ve engaged smart, creative and highly artistic partners to help us tell the I Am Stronger story through video, music, print and (spray) paint. We’ve baked cookies and turned them into a way for us to tell 10,000 perfect strangers that we care about them.  We rewarded some of our earliest adopters of the I Am Stronger program by taking them to a concert in Saskatoon.

Seriously, who else does that?!

Those were all fun and exciting events, but we’re just getting started. In the background over the last few months, we’ve been planning to take our program to another level. To push the envelope even further. To continue to make you proud to be part of an initiative that’s changing the game.

Starting this Friday, we are about to embark on a new adventure- a social experiment of sorts that we hope will not only get people talking, but thinking about their ability to take a stand against bullying.  We’ve always believed that if we are going to change as a society, truly change, we need to engage everyone in change. It’s more than just about the bully and those being bullied. It’s about the rest of us who have the chance to influence social change. It’s those of us who have stood on the sidelines and watched these types of activities happen in the past who now HAVE to do something about it. Our silence has been misunderstood as consent.

But this will happen no more.  We’re better than that. We’re STRONGER than that.

 It’s you all who are going to be the difference makers. You are leaders- the students, the parents, the teachers and all in all amazing and awesome people who have more influence to stop the act of bullying than you give yourselves credit for.

It’s our intention to shine a light on that awesomeness, give you the support that you need and celebrate your success as you help influence social behaviours little by little. All we ask is that you do what you can to take a stand and model change whenever and wherever you feel you can. No more. No less.

We are the change we’ve been waiting for.