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High Schools

Churchbridge Public School

(306) 896-2712

Our Bully Prevention group was established in 2010 and consists of students from grades 7 to 12. We do regular events throughout the school year that focus on bullying awareness and prevention. Members of the group regularly go into classrooms to talk the younger students about the...
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Aden Bowman Collegiate Diversity Group

(306) 683-7600

Our Diversity Group at Aden Bowman meets weekly to explore the topics of bullying and cyberbullying. We have attended conferences to learn how to promote anti-bullying awareness in our school. We have used the I Am Stronger Grant to sponsor an anti-bullying slogan contest.The winner...
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Spiritwood High School Green Team

(306) 883-2282

The green team is a mix of about 30 students and staff who do a variety of activities within the school to promote respect, responsibility and safety within our school. We have bi-weekly meetings to discuss concerns and ideas that the students would like to bring forward to make our school...
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Balcarres Community School

Our Student Leadership Team (SLT) is a dedicated group of students representing our Pre K- 12 school in Balcarres. Our students, staff and communities want to see an end to bullying. Bulldogs Don't Bully is a strong message and one that we encourage all students and communities to...
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Bishop James Mahoney

(306) 659-7503

Bishop James Mahoney is a Catholic High School located in Saskatoon, SK. We have student groups such as Student Representative Government and Saints in Action. These groups consist of students dedicated to making our school a safe and caring environment, as well as reaching out to the...
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Cupar school

Cupar is a K-12 school of about 200 students, located north east of Regina. We are very active in the campaign to ???Stomp out Bullying???. Every Friday we celebrate "I Am Stronger"by wearing our "I am Stronger" merchandise, which we also encourage to be worn other days. We proudly...
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