Building School Community Resources

Building School Community ResourceThe Building School Community resources (aussi disponible en français) were created to support safe, caring and accepting learning communities. They are not intended to be prescribed lesson plans but are suggested experiences that may be used in a variety of settings such as: homerooms, outdoor experiences, team building gatherings, youth clubs or activities and extension to classroom learning outcomes. 

The resources fall into sections adapted from the work of Paul Born, a Canadian researcher and leader whose work is dedicated to Deepening Communities.
Spending Time Together and Sharing Our Stories

Everyone has a story (click on link to open and save the PDF)

Caring for One Another

Pay it forward (click on link to open and save the PDF)

Where are you local? (click on link to open and save the PDF)

Working Together to Make a Positive Change

How to start a movement (click on link to open and save the PDF)



Q: How will these resources help you build a school community that cares for one another?  

A:  Community is brought together by determining a common cause and recognizing that we all have a role to play within the community.  By sharing our experiences together, and by sharing and relating to one another’s stories, we can better care for one another and work together to make our communities safe, caring and accepting while moving forward.

Q: Do the resources have to be used in the order they are in? 

A:  No.  Each experience is inquiry by nature and can occur individually to meet the needs of the group gathered together.  If they are used in the given order, these experiences build on one another.  For instance, the questions that are asked in earlier experiences will relate to those in later sections.

Q: What if I don’t have access to technology; can I still use these resources?  

A:  If technology is not available, each experience has an activity that includes group discussion, group experiences, or reflection opportunities.  These are valuable with or without the video.  The videos were included because of the positive responses by students.  To encourage discussion it is recommended that the video be projected to the whole class rather than watching it individually.

Q:  What suggestions can you provide related to viewing the videos?  

A:  It is suggested that each video be viewed prior to use.  A few of the videos contain subject matter that may evoke strong emotions.  Prior viewing will determine if the youth that you have gathered together will relate and respond well to the videos that have been suggested.A:  It is suggested to pre-load the videos on your device/screen so that you can remove any commercials that may appear on the video feed.

Q:  I notice that there seem to be worksheets attached, what are these for?

A:  These are not intended to be worksheets; please consider them as guides.  There is a question prompt at the beginning and the end of each experience to allow for guided inquiry learning to support the needs of the individuals gathered together.  You are welcome to replace the questions with your own.  The questions at the end, are intended to evoke curiosity and learning beyond the activities provided.

Q:  What is the purpose of the experiences, discussion and reflection?

A:  The purpose is to allow youth an opportunity to express their voice to encourage action.  By listening to our youth, it will demonstrate that we can continue to care for each other and work together to build safe, caring and accepting communities.

Q:  Where can I find more related resources?

A: These Building School Community resources are posted on the I Am Stronger website.  On this website, there are additional resources that may be useful for your learning community.