Champions for Change - Awesome!

Champions for Change - Awesome!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending and speaking at an amazing event put on by Family Services in Saskatoon. The day was entitled "Champions for Change" and consisted of around 75 grade 7 and 8 girls from a number of different schools. 

The best thing about Champions for Change is that this day was justfor the girls.  We addressed issues surrounding cyber bullying, frenemies, and "girl power". Yes, we did quote the Spice Girls maybe once yesterday! 

This amazing group of girls inspired me with their knowledge and understanding of the topic of bullying, and with their poster creations. I came accross many drawings of I Am Stronger logos and this made me so happy! While I was busy snapping away pictures of the girls' artwork of what a perfect school would look like, I came across what one girl had written.  This message read "no one would go home unhappy".

This is exactly what we want too, and we won't stop working on achieving it!