I Am Stronger Launches A Blog!

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I Am Stronger Launches A Blog!

For almost a year, we have been encouraging others to find their voice, and share it with the world. 

We thought that maybe it was time we did the same. 

As part of our goal of influencing social behaviour, we here at I Am Stronger are hoping that through our blog, we can bring our social network community closer to the things happening behind the scenes, and give you greater access to what we are up to. We'll have a greater level of communication with our supporters, and be able to let them know what where we are thinking about going next. Instead of watching it all unfold before you- you'll all be invited to be part of the process, and that's where things are going to get really exciting.

Thanks to all who have joined us thus far on our journey, and welcome to those who will read this in the future.

We are about to take this to a whole other level.....