What a Simple Smile Did for 2 People

What a Simple Smile Did for 2 People

This back to school time of year got me thinking about my first day at University. Making the switch from high school to University is quite overwhelming to say the least. I was wandering around the University of Saskatchewan campus with first day jitters when I found my class and strolled in. Not recognizing anyone I knew, I decided to smile at everyone and take a seat. There was a nice guy who smiled back at me in a way that calmed my jitters and put me at ease.

His name was Matt and him and I went on to become buddies. We sat next to each other in Calculus every day that semester. Matt and I drifted when that semester was over and we went about our lives at school, occasionally bumping into each other in the halls and having a quick chat. The University years flew by and before I knew it I was completing my degree. Matt and I ended up catching up at our graduation and he thought it was a good time to fill me in on something. 

He told me that on that first day at school 4 years earlier, he was absolutely terrified and had no desire to be there. When we exchanged smiles though, he said it was as if he just kneweverything was going to be okay. It is so funny that I was feeling the exact same thing, and neither of us realized how much we had done for each other simply by exchanging a couple of smiles. 

During this time of year, jitters and fears tend to be present in a lot of students. Don't underestimate what a simple smile can do for someone, and for yourself! 

Have an amazing year I Am Stronger friends!