Grant Recipients


Sacred Heart High School

We started a group at Sacred Heart called UROCK - You Reaching Out to Create Kindness. We look for opportunities for students to help others in the city of Yorkton, as well as in Canada and internationally. We will be exploring numerous opportunities to spread kindness. We are planning to...
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Haig School RAK Pack

(306) 842-2812

RAK Pack is a club for students in grade 5 and 6 who want to do Random Acts of Kindness in their school and community. Members commit to being a friend and speaking up when they see bullying. We volunteer in the community and do many projects in our school that promote kindness without...
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Arcola Community School Buddy Bench

(306) 523-3736

Arcola Community School is a Pre-K to grade eight public elementary school in Regina, SK. Its population is culturally diverse, and the school houses the Program for Students with Visual Impairments (PSVI). Students with visual impairments have been raising money to purchase a buddy...
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Evan Hardy Soul Ambassadors: Project Buddy

(306) 683-7700

Project Buddy is a new program established by Soul Ambassadors (one of the clubs at our school-Evan Hardy Collegiate Institute). Soul Ambassadors is a club open to all grades of students who are passionate about building a world of understanding and friendship. We host various...
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Harvest City Christian Academy

(306) 569-1935

Harvest City Christian Academy is a K-12 school in Regina, Saskatchewan. We are committed to creating a culture of kindness in our school where every student feels like they belong and are valued! We are working together towards this common goal, because together, we are stronger! ...
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Clusters of Kindness

(306) 236-5810

Here at Lakeview we focus very strongly on kindness. We have created a group called "Clusters of Kindness", where we will be delivering bouquets of flowers to strangers, those who could really use some sunshine in their day, and we would love to be that ray of sunshine for them!! We will...
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Greenall ODS

(306) 771-2566

The Outdoor School provides Greenall students with a unique opportunity to obtain five academic classes in an outdoor setting. The academic classes are combined into a package that integrates curriculum and learning with a focus on environmental studies, leadership skills and...
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Churchbridge Public School

(306) 896-2712

Our Bully Prevention group was established in 2010 and consists of students from grades 7 to 12. We do regular events throughout the school year that focus on bullying awareness and prevention. Members of the group regularly go into classrooms to talk the younger students about the...
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Fairhaven's Care Partners

My name is Maham Fatima and I volunteer at Fairhaven school. While I was volunteering, I noticed that many kids were not being nice to each other. When I even had to intervene between a group of older children bullying a younger student, I realized something had to be done. Luckily while on a...
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Evan Hardy Collegiate-FooD4 Empowerment

(306) 683-7700

Evan Hardy Collegiate is diverse community. However, there are some students who can not afford to bring lunch are often bullied, segregated and isolated in the very place of learning. The students feel ashamed and as a result have increased anxiety levels, poor academic performance...
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Charlebois Community School

Charlebois Community School offers a Pre-kindergarten to grade 12 program. The school has provided education for Cumberland House since 1890 and takes great pride in social opportunities for students.

St. Josaphat Social Justice Club

(306) 791-7355

This year a passionate group of students from St. Josaphat Elementary School wanted to start the St. Josaphat Social Justice Club, with hopes of performing acts of kindness and educating other students on social issues. This is an extra-curricular club, consisting of grades 5 to 8...
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Let's Be Awesome Club!

(306) 365-2011

Three grade 5 students from Lanigan Elementary School started the "Let's Be Awesome" Club for grades 3, 4 and 5 students. The students meet every Tuesday at lunch to discuss many different topics such as bullying and how to be a good friend. They also make time for socializing and...
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WH Ford School

(306) 791-8623

At WH Ford School we held a "Be a Buddy Not a Bully" day. Classes were paired up to read a variety of books together with an anti-bullying theme. They also completed book related activities together. We strive to create a community where older students look out for younger students rather...
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Central Butte School

(306) 796-2124

Our rural school is located in Central Butte, Saskatchewan. We focus on teaching our students about kindness and friendship! We celebrate friendship every June with a community BBQ & RAK day for Just Be Friends Day!

Aden Bowman Collegiate Diversity Group

(306) 683-7600

Our Diversity Group at Aden Bowman meets weekly to explore the topics of bullying and cyberbullying. We have attended conferences to learn how to promote anti-bullying awareness in our school. We have used the I Am Stronger Grant to sponsor an anti-bullying slogan contest.The winner...
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Spiritwood High School Green Team

(306) 883-2282

The green team is a mix of about 30 students and staff who do a variety of activities within the school to promote respect, responsibility and safety within our school. We have bi-weekly meetings to discuss concerns and ideas that the students would like to bring forward to make our school...
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Sacred Heart

(306) 791-7290

Sacred Heart Community School is a school in Regina, SK.   Students at Sacred Heart take great pride in reading books, setting goals, and achieving their goals. Students are working hard reach 100 points, they are awarded a themed t-shirt. The shirts are yellow: It is our school...
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Children's International Summer Villages (CISV) is an international organization devoted to global awareness and cross-cultural understanding. It specializes in providing a safe, supportive and inclusive space for young people looking to explore their individuality and place...
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Balcarres Community School

Our Student Leadership Team (SLT) is a dedicated group of students representing our Pre K- 12 school in Balcarres. Our students, staff and communities want to see an end to bullying. Bulldogs Don't Bully is a strong message and one that we encourage all students and communities to...
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Unity Composite High School

We are the UCHS Positive School Climate Committee. Our focus is to create a positive school environment for our students and teachers within the classrooms and beyond.

Estevan Golden Eels Swim Club

The Estevan Golden Eels swim club is a competitive swim club that runs in the summer from May to August. We have about 70 members ranging in ages from 5 to 19, but most swimmers are in elementary school. The best part of our club is when you hit your teen years, because our coaches start...
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Bishop James Mahoney

(306) 659-7503

Bishop James Mahoney is a Catholic High School located in Saskatoon, SK. We have student groups such as Student Representative Government and Saints in Action. These groups consist of students dedicated to making our school a safe and caring environment, as well as reaching out to the...
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Cupar school

Cupar is a K-12 school of about 200 students, located north east of Regina. We are very active in the campaign to ???Stomp out Bullying???. Every Friday we celebrate "I Am Stronger"by wearing our "I am Stronger" merchandise, which we also encourage to be worn other days. We proudly...
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Nutana Collegiate

Nutana Collegiate is a very historical and unique school. We have several different programs that students attend and take pride in. I am Stronger is a big part of our school. We have an anti-bullying team which focuses on community building and random acts of kindness. Our goal is to put a...
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