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I Am Stronger Grants

Posted by



Lyndsey - SaskTel

 on February 18, 2015


Topic(s): School, Social Media, Teens



Will YOU be the next to inspire others? Will you be the next to make a difference in someone's life? Will you be the one making a difference in your school and in your community?

I Am Stronger is excited to be partnered with the Ministry of Education to fund community grants for student led anti-bullying initiatives. We want to hear from the youth of this province. The on...

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What a Simple Smile Did for 2 People

Posted September 9, 2014


This back to school time of year got me thinking about my first day at University. Making the switch from high school to University is quite overwhelming to say the least. I was wandering around the University of Saskatchewan campus with first day jitters when I found my class and strolled in. Not recognizing anyone I knew, I decided to smile at everyone and take a seat. There was a nice guy wh...

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YOU CAN SIT WITH US - Summer Invasion 2014

Posted August 26, 2014


Topic(s): Friends, Girls, Guys, Teens


We had so much fun hanging out at Summer Invasion last week and meeting a lot of you! Thanks for stopping by the tent and supporting our cause. We were happy to receive all of your excited contest entries for our Sector 9 longboard and to see you slapping I Am Stronger stickers on your own skateboards.

Some of you decided to swing by our tent 3 or 4 times as the day went on and chat abo...

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Nutana is Stronger! - Year End Celebration

Posted by



Lajya Rattan - SaskTel

 on June 9, 2014


Topic(s): Art, Friends, Girls, Guys, School, Teens


I spent some time at Nutana Collegiate recently and helped in preparing the students' year end I Am Stronger Celebration. When it comes to the issue of bullying, I truly believe that the students have the ability to influence each other more than anyone else does. With this, it was so great to see the students have the opportunity to have their voices heard.

It takes guts to stand in fr...

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When you take the IAmStronger.ca Online Pledge, you're NOT saying that you are a victim of bullying (and/or cyber-bullying). What you ARE saying is that you simply won't tolerate bullying at home, school, work or anywhere! You promise to stand up, in a non-violent manner, for those who are victims of bullying and unable or afraid to stand up for themselves. By taking our pledge, you are showing your willingness to help spread our anti-bullying message of love, acceptance, tolerance and respect regardless of race, sex, gender, social status, etc. Simple ways you may help to support our cause include: telling your friends about this site, liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter etc. We’re not a charity! As such we do not ask for donations at this time.

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